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Thinking Ahead with Your Head

The thought of having a plan or even knowing what to do in a given situation is a skill and an asset that many people pay for. Many people have been put into leadership positions not because they are good people or even well-liked, it is because they have plans and have the ability to plan all the way through. Most people in today’s age simply do not think with their head…or even think at all for that matter. They live in the moment and think that to be successful you have to be “spontaneous”, “in the moment”, and “full of new ideas”. In my business coach reading this week, it talked about planning to the end. The thought of thinking through what you wanted to do is mind-blowing to most people, and that is why most people are broke and have no idea what is going on in their life. They think that being random and spontaneous is what all the successful people do when in reality it is the opposite.  

Planning all the way through to the end, to the end of what? The end of a devious plan to take over the world? Your plan to get a promotion or just simply accomplish some goal that you set for yourself? It does not matter what you are planning to accomplish or to do, as long as you have a plan that can see you through to the end. Most people go wrong in the first leg of this process. They have a desire and a want to get jacked out of their minds, to get married in 3 years or get that promotion, but where they fail is when they fail to plan what is going to happen 3 weeks from then, 3 months from then, or even 3 years down the road. This is not a very pleasant topic for those that hate planning because it requires thinking ahead with your head which is why you need a business coach.


They think that being random and spontaneous is what all the successful people do when in reality it is the opposite.


This is something that Jonathan Kelly told me a while back but it was not until I read this that it clicked. When talking with people as a leader you need to be able to see the whole path, the path that they want to take, the path that they will really take, and many other variations of it all. The leaders that do great are those that know how to think ahead and use their skills to make those plans. This is a difficult skill for me to learn, I understand the concept, but the skill of knowing what could happen and what needs to happen are still concepts that I am learning as a business coach from Jonathan and from Clay. One of the main distinctions between success and failure is one knows where they want to go and the other knows where they are right now. Seeing the plan all the way to the end is the big reason that many entrepreneurs are successful. They know the plan they need to follow and are willing to make trade-ups to achieve their true goals and desires.     

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