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This week in the Thrivetime business coach office we had a guest speaker at our all-staff meeting. Clint Howard, owner, and founder of Tulsa Fitness Systems. He came in to talk to us about health, fitness, and how his program is different than all the others. The Tulsa Fitness Systems system is “KISS”, keep it super simple. Often Health professionals try to over complicate the process of losing weight or improving our fitness level. Clint, however, takes the simple route of a good variety of types of exercises (circuit training, cardio, and strength training) this is pretty straight forward. What makes his program so successful is the focus on nutrition. He said all we should eat is meat, produce, and water. Simple as that. But that can be easier said than done for a lot of people, have you ever stopped to wonder why that is? 

The difficult thing about success is that you have to make the trade-ups in order to gain success. This week we were talking about how an awesome client started holding the group interview and ended up finding a great fit for the position. His business coach was talking about how this client was hesitant to hold the group interview at first because after watching Clay hold one he was worried he wouldn’t be able to effectively conduct it. The business coach client thought this because he didn’t think he was “charismatic” enough. When Clay heard this he exclaimed that he wasn’t charismatic either it was just a role that he played. He related it to a switch that he turns on when he needs to but typically it is “off”. He gave the example of his wife, Vanessa. Vanessa handles all the accounting for the Clark family including the businesses. Clay said that often people say they could never be like Vanessa because she is just so good. Clay pointed out that she is so good because she has to be, so she just is. Simple as that. She does not have an undying love for accounting but does it anyway, she makes the trade up. 


The difficult thing about success is that you have to make the trade-ups in order to gain success.


“Turning it on” is something I as a business coach often help clients with because let’s be honest everyone is bound to have a sick day, everyone is bound to have some drama back home, everyone is bound to have a terrible day every once and awhile. The key is to leave all of that at the door and flip the switch and get your crap done. The way Clay talked about this concept this week really made me think about how black and white success is. There is no grey area. You are either energetic or you aren’t, you either wake up early or you don’t, you either do the hard thing or you don’t. There is no halfway done, halfway done will only bring poverty. So just like Clint chooses to eat only meat, produce, and water, just like Clay chooses to be charismatic, just like Vanessa chooses to be good at accounting, you can choose to be successful, you just have to decide to turn the switch on and play the part of the successful entrepreneur…and make all the trade-ups that come with it.  

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