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What it Means to Sell Soft

Before my time here at the business coaching headquarters that is Thrivetime Show. I had no idea how to sell, be persuasive, or overall use my words. I always thought that I was bad with my words, which did not help my cause. I thought that to use one’s words to sell well was a natural talent. There are many different ways to sell in this world. However, the way that really hit home for me is to use facts and facts and when I think I’m done using facts, use some more. People only respond to when the facts are overwhelming and there is no way to refute that fact. This was a brand new concept to me because I thought that using facts in a sales pitch over and over again was not the way to do it. In the past, before I have seen the light and the proper way to do sales, and that is with facts and with a script. Most people think that using a script is “unethical” or sounds “scripted” when on the phone or in person. Most people think that being authentic, “real” and any other excuse they think of for not closing sales is what they want to do. 

The concept of using facts until the other person cannot refuse the truth seemed harsh, rude, and overall not the way to go.  People love to talk about their feelings and when in a sales meeting or call they try and weasel their way out of the sale by not looking at the facts. They do not see the benefits of going with your service or buying your product unless you point it out to them. You will see a huge difference in your sales when you do not take no for an answer and isolate the other person’s objections. This was not something that I was aware of before I was with one of the business coaching team members of Thrive. When I would try and sell or try and convince some other person of what I was saying it did not go over very well. That was before I realized that appealing to the other person’s needs and showing them facts after the fact was one way to get people to buy into your product or idea. 

The biggest thing that I have been able to take away from all of this is that there are many different ways on how to sell ideas and products. Most people think of the sleazy used car salesman who is going to tell you anything you wanted to hear but does not have any facts to back up what they are saying. The key to any good sales technique is to show them the benefits that you are able to offer them. The use of facts is what separates the great salesman and saleswoman from the mediocre salespeople. Everyone wants to sell well, and want to feel like they are doing something with their lives. Being great at sales is what can help you become a great entrepreneur. Without selling anything your business is pointless, and you will inevitably go into bankruptcy and live in a van down by the river.   

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