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When Dragon Energy is Not Enough | Business Coaching

Dragon Energy — What is it? Most of you may not be familiar with this term. Many of you know exactly what dragon energy is because you too contain the dragon energy. Essentially, Dragon Energy is the term Kanye West uses to describe the common character trait that both he and Donald Trump share. What separates these two from the rest of the world? It’s DRAGON ENERGY. The tenacity to push through any adversity and keep grinding when all odds are against you can be summed up from my perception as dragon energy. You get it done and you make it happen and no excuse will get in your way. 

Dragon energy forces you through the hard times because you will accomplish the ONE specific goal. It’s the ability to put blinders on and not notice how difficult the task at hand may be, or the sacrifices you are making because the tunnel vision is so strong, your concentration won’t allow your mind to drift away from the task at hand. But, is it possible that sometimes dragon energy isn’t enough? When does dragon energy not suffice on its own?


My job is not to have the dragon energy. That is not enough. My job as a business coach is to see the dragon energy within others and force that out into their work.


Dragon energy is exactly what you need to accomplish your goals. But to truly be great, exceptional, an outlier, a leader, having the dragon energy is not enough. You must be able to transfer the dragon energy to others. That’s the tricky part. Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric who grew the company by 4,000% says that an effective leader has 4 E’s and a P. A GREAT leader has energy, edge, execution, passion, and most importantly in this business coaching blog post, the ability to energize others. 

I can honestly say my entire life, I’ve had the dragon energy. I just wasn’t always directing the energy and focusing on the highest and best use of my time. Once I put the dragon energy to good use, I thought I was good. I quickly realized the work hasn’t even started yet. It wasn’t until the last six months that I began to learn while continuing to learn how to transfer the dragon energy. During the conference last week, Michael Levine said it best, “If you want to be a badass, you have to have a badass coach.” My job is not to have the dragon energy. That is not enough. My job as a business coach is to see the dragon energy within others and force that out into their work.

Simply having dragon energy isn’t enough if you want to be great. Leading others to channel their inner dragon energy is something that Clay Clark and Jonathan Kelly do exceptionally well. Honestly, it’s selfish to have the dragon energy and not use your gift to inspire others. Some can not be helped. That’s a choice individuals make and we are not life coaches. 

If you contain the dragon energy, you have a mission. The work is not done. Business coaching is an ongoing obsession for me. My work will never be done because no matter how good or great I become, I can always be better. There is a lifelong challenge ahead, and I can not wait for the journey. I am thankful to my mentors for teaching me how to transfer dragon energy. 

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