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Why Do People Hate Processes?

Why do people hate processes? I mean, come on. It has become such a cultural norm to look for instant gratification in everything. Whether you’re considering what we eat or the media that we consume or text messaging or social media or virtually any aspect of our culture, instant gratification has become an epidemic. It has become the social norm and thus has shifted the culture in many ways out of a culture of “process” and into a culture of “right now”. Here’s the problem though, when it comes to business, there is no fast route. If someone is offering a get rich quick scheme, then it’s a scam. If someone is offering an easy path to success, then it’s a scam. There is no instant gratification in business. Growing a business that is strong and can provide the owner time and financial freedom is a process. There is no way around this. If you want to be successful, then you need to give in to the process of growing your business.


Here in our business coach organization, what we do is a process. It is not an event.


People ask me as a business coach all the time what I do for a living. The easy answer that I am able to provide is that I walk business owners through a process of growing their business. The best way I can describe it is like a tree. So many people these days want to be able to plant an oak seed in the ground and wake up the next day, similar to Jack in the beanstalk and have a fully grown and mature tree in their front yard. This is not reality and this is not the way that the world God created works. If you want a strong, tall oak tree, then you’ve got to start with the seed. You’ve got to attend to it and water it and take care of it every day. Once it is fully grown and its roots are deep and it has the processes and systems in place to be able to be a strong and consistently growing tree, then you are able to step away and truly enjoy the fruits of what it has become. But, until that point, you must consistently walk through a process of nurturing and taking care of that tree every day. Every day? Yes, every day.

Here in our business coach organization, what we do is a process. It is not an event. So many business owners that I come across, come to us and claim that they want to go through the process of growing their business, however, all they want is some big event. An example of an event would be getting married. Yes, the wedding ceremony might be wonderful and fulfill all of the dreams that your wife has had since she was a little girl, but it is only an event. After the event takes place, then comes the process. Marriage in and of itself is a process. It is a process of learning how to be married to the same person for hopefully your whole lives and work through conflict and grow and develop in your character both individually and as a couple. Marriage is not an event. Marriage is a process. Your business is the same way. When you start your business it’s an event. When you launch that fancy website that you’ve always wanted to launch, it can be considered an event. However, in order to grow a sustainable business that is strong and can truly help reach the owner’s goals of time and financial freedom, it requires showing up each and every day and doing the stupid repeatable tasks that are a part of the process of growing your business.

I strongly encourage you to take the time to look up organizations like Colaw Fitness and PMH OKC. These are business coaching clients that have hit many of their financial goals. Now, they are at the place where all they need to do is maintain the success that they’ve had. It is at this place that most business owners get bored. For perhaps the first time in their life, they look around and realize that they don’t really have a lot to do. For a true entrepreneur, this is both challenging but also a great opportunity. The thing that most business owners need to be leery of during the season is creativity. “Creativity is the enemy of success,” as business coach Clay Clark likes to say. Repetitive tasks is a success. This is how we create time and financial freedom. If you are the type of individual who is willing to just get up each and every day and do the repeatable tasks as you walk through a process, then you can be a successful entrepreneur. If you are an individual that is always going for the new and wants to live in the vein of creativity, then your chances of success decrease exponentially.

We here at the ThriveTime Show business coach program are here to help keep the business owners that we work with accountable. We are here to keep them on the proven path. We are here to walk them through the process. Our goal is to help their businesses serve them. Our goal is to help business owners get the time and financial freedom. The only way to do this is for us to help them, day in and day out, walk the proven business coach path. There is no other way. No matter what kind of business you have, or where the gap is between what you know to do and what you are doing, you can make the choice today to put creativity aside and find the proven path to success. If you want to lose weight then you need to consume less calories than you are burning. It is just how the world works. Start walking the process today. Set aside creativity. Do the stupid repeatable tasks. Make these decisions and you are on your way to creating the time and financial freedom that you’ve always wanted for yourself.

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