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Why Everyone Should Record Calls

Do you have a business where you either make or receive calls? Do you know what your employees say when they answer the phone? Have you ever had a client or customer complaints about what an employee “supposedly said” on the phone, with no recourse because it wasn’t recorded? If you answer yes to any of these questions then you need to implement call recording. Call recording could have avoided all of these problems and so many more. This is something we talk about all the time during our business coaching meetings.

When you have employees answering phone calls or making outbound calls you should have a script they need to follow. The best way to track that the employees are following that scripting is not only to record those calls but to actually take the time to listen to some of them as well. This is going to be a fantastic system you are going to want to use to track what your employees are saying to a person who calls your business. If you have a script that says the employee should say “Good Morning, thank you for calling Steven’s automotive. How can we help you?” and they are actually answering it “Yo, Steve’s Chop Shop.” How do you know? Well if you are recording your calls you will know. We also utilize this in our business coaching meetings as a training tool, as well as for disciplinary actions as needed.  

This is going to be a phenomenal tool for you to generate sales as well. You will be able to listen to outbound sales calls or cold calls. When you do this you can listen to the entire interaction your employees are having and can find out where they are losing the customer. If they are getting overwhelmed with rejection you can listen to the calls and help isolate those rejections and come up with scripting to counteract them before they happen. 

Many businesses give us pushback in our business coaching about call recording. We hear many objections such as, “is it ethical?”, “is it an invasion of privacy?”, “How will my employees feel being recorded?”. When you think of these objections stop yourself and think about it. How many businesses do you call and the first thing you hear is “This call may be recorded for quality assurance or training purposes.”? All the major companies record calls Capital One, Chase Bank, Amazon and so many more. 

If you want to be successful and be able to know exactly what is going on in your business you need to record your calls. Clarity is who we use and recommend to all of our clients. You can track how many people are making calls, how much time they are spending on these calls, and you can listen to them later. The team at Thrive pulls these calls randomly and listens to them with the person, then determine what they could have done better. It helps your employees improve and is a great way to make sure they are following scripts! So when are you going to start recording? 

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Wendy T. is a former Elephant in the Room manager turned business coach who is as passionate about growing businesses as she is about World of Warcraft.

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