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You Can’t Become Wealthy If You Hate Wealthy People

Clay dropped this knowledge bomb early one morning this week; “You can’t Become wealthy if you hate wealthy people ”, and it got me thinking…do I hate wealthy people? How has my viewpoint on the successful changed since coming to Thrive and becoming a business coach? It was a very eye-opening thing for me to think about because if you would have asked me 3 years ago I would have said yes, I do dislike the super successful individuals. I thought they were all shallow, rude, and prideful. Oh, how my ideas have changed these past few years and even more since I’ve become a business coach at Thrive! Now I look up to these people. I see that the “pride” comes from working their butt off to get to where they are. They made sacrifices to become the best in their field and they know it. I see their “rudeness” as a way to get things done, they aren’t afraid to get straight to the point and say things other people view as harsh in order to get done what needs to get done. I see their “shallowness” as emotional strength, since they deal with more craziness than anyone and they handle it like a champ. Hating wealthy people and what they do will 100% prevent you from having success because you aren’t likely to turn into something you actively hate. As well as if you focus all your emotional energy on hating someone who is better than you are then you won’t have the efforts left over to evaluate yourself or to take feedback and improve. It’s like Matthew 7:3 says “ And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” 


Hating wealthy people and what they do will 100% prevent you from having success…


 Once my own prejudice got out of the way I was able to see how I could learn so much from people who were wealthier than me. From the minute I started at Thrive I realized that my assumptions were way off. Clay, Vanessa, and Jonathan were ( and are ) the most hard-working, loyal, motivated, and inspiring people I have met. They pushed me as a business coach more than I have ever been pushed before and because they put that effort into me, because they care enough to teach me, I was able to learn so much from them in a short period of time. I continue to love coming to work because I am surrounded by successful people. I know I will continue to learn from them every day. If I were to come into Thrive with that bitter attitude towards them all then I would have never learned anything because my own bitterness would have gotten in the way of my progression. As I have reflected on this through the week I have come to realize that looking up to the “GOATs” (Greatest of all time) has been the most beneficial thing to me and my career, both by observing at work and reading biographies and other books. 

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