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It All Starts with Just One

This past week at Thrive we had one of our two-day business conferences that Clay hosts every two months. It is a great opportunity for staff members, business owners, and business clients to hear what Clay and others that present have to say. There are many great knowledge bombs that are dropped at these conferences. Clay goes over all different aspects of what needs to happen in order for a business to succeed. Normally I am on the back end of things, doing Search Engine Optimization, and Uploading. I rarely interact, if at all, with the business owners. I know what business they have, the keywords they write, and how many they need to write for each keyword. It is a great chance for me to see the owners and see the impact that my work has on their businesses. Overall it is a great chance for me to further my knowledge and learn more from Clay and the other speakers. 


The power of being the one means that I will always have to fight the crowd, the mob mentality, or whatever people call it.


At these business conferences, they go over how to find where your break-even point is for your business, how many hours you need to work, and so much more. At every business workshop, there is always new things to learn. This Thrivetime Show Conference really helped me understand the power of one. The power of one is where you have a choice to make that difference in your life because you are the one that can influence your life. It really hit me when they played a video that Clay and Jon put together about the power of one. There is always going to be opposition in the lives of great people. There will always be things that might cause business owners to throw in the towel when the going gets tough. As people are trying to achieve greatness, there will be a mediocre crowd that will try and brings the greats down. 

Clay was very passionate about making sure that these business owners understood that what they are doing is not normal, they are fighting the crowd. The power of being the one means that I will always have to fight the crowd, the mob mentality, or whatever people call it. The mob is always going to have excuses as to why they can’t wake up early, work hard, or even just do anything for themselves without looking for handouts. There are three different excuses that the average joe makes. The first is the spiritual excuse, where they have false options that they say. They have some reason why they do not wake up early why they want handouts. The second is where they want to have some get rich quick scheme or some hack for getting money. Lastly, and everyone does this, is they say that they do not care about the object or goal that they wanted to hit.

Clay helped these business entrepreneurs understand that their friends, family, and maybe their spouse would be very against what they do. They want to take off for Fall Break, Spring Break, Christmas Break, and Memorial Day, Arbor Day, and any other Holiday as well. This week was a great week to understand that I have to power to change myself, I just have to do it.    

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